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The Struggle for Stupidity - The Progressive's battle to kill education. - Bill Whittle

Sci-Fi Author Jerry Pournelle recently re-published a sixth grade reader from 1914. In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle explains how full comprehension of a single paragraph from that hundred-year-old elementary school textbook eludes virtually all of today’s college graduates; shows why it is such a sin, and reveals the Progressive Struggle for Stupidity in all of its undeniable venality.

Tags: communism obama
Date: 2014-08-16

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Andrew Klavan: Income Redistribution


I’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth.

Thomas Picketty’s new book Capital in the 21st Century has excited leftists with its call for more income redistribution. The Financial Times and others say the books’ data are suspiciously skewed but the New York Times’ columnist Paul Krugman says he’s received confirmation of Picketty’s numbers on an interplanetary communication device that you can make yourself out of ordinary tinfoil you find at home.

Today, to clarify the underlying issues, the Revolting Truth presents this helpful Q;A.

Q: What is income redistribution?

A: Income redistribution is when you go to work or start a business or make an investment — and earn money — and the government takes the money away from you and gives it to someone else.

Q: So you mean it’s stealing?

A: No, it’s income redistribution.

Q: But what if I won’t give them my money?

A: Then armed men come to your house and take it.

Q: So then it’s armed robbery?

A: No, it’s income redistribution.

Q: Well, when the men try to take my money at gunpoint, what if I call the police?

A: The men are the police.

Q: The police are robbing me at gunpoint???

A: It’s income redistribution!

Q: What if I have a gun too?

A: That would be wrong.

Q: If they’re robbing me at gunpoint, why is it wrong for me to defend myself with a gun?

A: Huh?

Q: Look, instead of taking my money away to give to other people, why not just give those other people jobs?

A: It’s because there aren’t enough jobs to go around.

Q: Why not?

A: Because people aren’t spending enough or creating enough businesses or investing enough.

Q: But that’s because you took their money away!

A: Right! That’s income redistribution!

Q: Let me get this straight. We need more income redistribution because there’s too much income redistribution?

A: Congratulations. Now you’re smarter than Thomas Picketty.

Q: That’s it. I’m buying a gun.

A: But it’s income redistribution!

Q: Pound sand, you Communist thug.

Well, I hope this handy guide has been helpful in understanding Capital in the 21st Century.

Q: Come near me again and I’ll blow your head off!

I’m Andrew Klavan with the Revolting Truth.

Tags: communism obama
Date: 2014-08-17

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Charles Krauthammer describes Hillary's lack of political skills with Judge Jeanine

Krauthammer, a syndicated columnist and a Fox News contributor, blasted Clinton for what he said was an attempt to retract her critique.

“This is such a blatant display of Clinton inauthenticity,” he said. “It’s breathtaking. She did finally appear to say something that she believes and then, of course, retracted it. Remember. With these people, meaning the Clintons, do you ever know if they are saying something sincere?”

Krauthammer said Clinton shifted her beliefs to the left in the 2008 presidential campaign, and is apparently maneuvering to the center ahead of 2016.

“So you never actually have any idea what is the core belief,” he said. “And I think if she finally ended up saying what you thought was inauthentic and withdraws it with a hug within a day, she’s in trouble.”

Tags: Charles Krauthammer Judge Jeanine
Date: 2014-08-17

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Democrats defending Israel... a smart political tactic.

“I feel terrible for a Palestinian child who dies, but if it’s your father, your brother, your uncle who’s firing those rockets into Israel, who’s fault is it really? Do you really expect the Israelis not to retaliate?”

Jane Harman actually quotes Charles Krauthammer, “Israel today is using its missiles to protect its citizens while Hamas is using its citizens to protect its missiles.”

Tags: Bill Maher, Jane Harman, Charles Krauthammer
Date: 2014-08-18

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It's not ISIS, Syria, Iraq, $17 Trillion Debt, 12% Unemployment, or our Border, it's Israel that is the biggest problem.

Douglas Murray: The world is selective on which bloodshed it gets behind. ISIS is slaughtering its way to an Islamic State… no outcry… Boko Haram is still slaughtering men women and children and the silence is deafening The world in general is calling the Hamas Israeli conflict genocide. Really,

3,000,000 Muslims killed each other in Pakistan in 1971.
1,000,000 Muslims killed each other in in the Sudan in 1983.
800,000 muslims killed each other in Iraq in 1988.
150,000 Muslims killed each other in Algeria in 1991.
250,000 Muslims killed each other in Syria in 2011.

When Israel tries to defend itself from terrorist whose charter openly calls for, 12 times, the eradication of Jews, the world erupts into hate for the Middle East’s only Democracy.

Convert to Islam and live as 2nd class citizens or die.

Hitler was right… kill the Jews.

Most major protests in London Paris New York Los Angeles and elsewhere are not everyday citizens of that country but Muslims claiming outrage at the alleged murder of their fellow Muslims by Israel. Yet not a word when Assad kills ten time the number in a matter of hours.

Tags: ISIS, Syria, Iraq, $17 Trillion Debt unemployment border Israel Douglas Murray
Date: 2014-08-18

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Judge Jeanine says Rick Perry is innocent and his indictment is transparently political.

Typical Democratic Alinsky tactic. RULE #12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

Freeze your opponent and smear him over and over and over till the facts disappear into the soup of perception.

Tags: Judge Jeanine Rick Perry indictment
Date: 2014-08-17

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Help Be Part of the Solution

RATM’s TruthFest 2014 is neither a protest, a rally, nor a conference but has elements of all three. This unique event aims to equip “Citizen Activists” with simple tools needed to effectively recognize and fight back against the damage caused by deliberate media manipulation. In short, we aim to empower you to “be the torch” of truth. Read more about it here and here.

Together with our partner PopModal Videos, a prime force behind 2012′s wildly successful Wake Up America rally, this event is designed as exactly what we need to help fight back, especially right before the election.

But we can’t do it alone.
Help us make this happen.

Click here for our Indiegogo campaign.
Be part of the solution!

The post Help Be Part of the Solution appeared first on RAGE Against the MEDIA.

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TruthFest 2014 Needs Your Help!

Raise your hand if you think that the November elections will solve all our problems, even assuming a change in majority in the Senate.


The problem isn’t just political: Their lies have permeated every aspect of our lives, and we’re all suffering because of it.

TRUTHFEST is designed to provide citizen activists with the tools, inspiration and motivation to fight back, at every level, in every arena of civic life that they have infiltrated with their lies, like a cancer.

Please help make this extraordinary event happen!

Rage Against the Media needs your support in staging this timely and empowering event. Donations of any size are welcome -we can’t do this without you!

Just click here and help make a difference.

The post TruthFest 2014 Needs Your Help! appeared first on RAGE Against the MEDIA.

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TruthFest 2014: Citizen Warriors, Unite!

ANGRY at how things are but feeling helpless?
AFRAID that things are only getting worse but don’t know what to do about it?
FURIOUS at the lies that got us here but DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO?
FRUSTRATED that everyone around you simply doesn’t get it, but don’t know how you can make a difference?

That’s why Rage Against the Media and PopModal Videos are partnering to bring you


this October in Los Angeles

We will

SHINE a light on the damage wrought by our propagandizing media

CELEBRATE the power of free speech and a free press, and especially,


NO, this won’t be another rally; no, not a protest either.

Instead, TruthFest will offer

  • – training workshops to arm you with various tools, tactics and techniques for fighting back.
  • - opportunities to network with others in the same fight
  • – the opportunity to meet sponsors active in various arenas such as alternative journalism and commentary, campaigning and campaign support, film-making, writing and speaking
  • – a raffle
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Album Sales Hit A New Low | Billboard

EDITORS NOTE: Can anyone say Detroit? MUSIC BIZ MELTDOWN IS DUE TO THE REJECTION OF COMMAND AND CONTROL FROM THE “INSTRUMENTS OF HATE AND THE STATE” – This year, overall U.S. album sales are down 14.6 percent, while digital album sales are down 11.7...

The TRUTH is on Our Side; TruthFest 2014 Will Show You How to Use It to WIN

Q: What do Obamacare, Common Core, Agenda 21 and Barry Soetoro-Obama all have in common?

A: The truth about each of these Leftist vehicles for control HAD to be hidden while they were shoved down our throats.

And the truth WAS effectively hidden by the media, deliberately and with malice aforethought, knowing that to do otherwise, to reveal the truth, would only result in our rejecting of each one of these. Most certainly, had we known was was in the bill we’d have rejected Obamacare (a majority never did want it anyway), we’re rejecting Common Core the more we learn about it, and of course if the truth had been out about Choom-gang Barry including how hard it is to GET at the truth, he never would have become the Democrat nominee, let alone president of the United States of America. To have investigated and accurately reported on any of these, to have shared the TRUTH about any of these, would have guaranteed their failure and that was impermissible by those who support the Leftist agenda. ONLY by lying do their ideas prevail. And they KNOW this.

Consider these too: What about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Watch or Read Here

Paige Mostella

Paige Mostella – teacher accused of sex with student

Paige E. Mostella (aka Paige Groves), 29-year-old teacher formerly at Woodlan High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana, has been accused of engaging in sex with a 17-year-old student.

Mostella faces two Class D-felony counts of child seduction.
In the affidavit for probable cause, police began their investigation on February 12, 2014 when a 19-year-old taking a polygraph test required to fulfill juvenile probation requirements told a police officer giving the test that he had been involved in a sexual relationship with a teacher at Woodlan Jr/Sr.High School in early 2013.
The teen told the officer that he and Mostella would frequently “play fight” and that during one of these encounters he became aroused and Mostella allowed him to rub up against her for several minutes. During this first encounter, the teen told the officer that Mostella didn’t say anything.
The second alleged encounter did involve sexual intercourse and again took place in her office. A third encounter as described in the court document took place two days before a track meet and the teen asked Mostella if he could have sex with her because “it would improve his throwing ability during the track meet.” The teen told Watch or Read Here

Jennifer Sexton

Jennifer Sexton – female teacher accused of sex with teen boy

Jennifer Sexton, 28-year-old former English teacher at Hollis Middle School, Hollis, Oklahoma, has been accused of engaging in sex with one of her students.

Teacher had sex with student in the back of her classroom

Sexton had quit her job at Hollis Middle School just two months before amid suspicions in the community that something inappropriate was going on between her and the student. The student described how, three days before she quit her teaching job, Sexton had sex with him in the back of her classroom. In the weeks that followed, Sexton picked up the student numerous times in her SUV and drove to a secluded area. They had sex in her car, her house and the home of his father — a pastor.

Sexton followed her student 650 miles to have sex with him in motel

Sexton, who ffiled for divorce from her husband in May, allegedly followed a 15-year-old student on his summer vacation 650 miles away to a Mississippi hotel room, where police say she had sex the the boy in June. The boy was on summer break visiting his mother when he hopped the fence of a church parking Watch or Read Here

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